Aslinger & Associates have a combined 50 + years of experience successfully training leaders and individual contributors on continuous improvement tools. Our clients' success stems from utilizing the successful strategy of training, applying, and reviewing. We ensure that our clients not only learn key technical skills but also critical leadership skills to implement change. In all training interventions, we measure ROI.

  • In-house customized training: We start by working with leaders who commit achieve dramatic performance improvement. We collaborate to clarify specific results: designing, planning, and executing training that improves individual and organizational performance. All training initiatives include application assignments, coaching, and follow-up reviews to ensure learning and accountability.
  • Introduction to Lean Six Sigma: We direct this highly experiential, (one-or-two day) interactive session toward participants who will likely experience Lean Six Sigma within their organizations. These newcomers learn what it takes to transform their organization's performance, what changes may take place, and what role they will play in the improvements. In this presentation, participants will gain an overview of Lean Six Sigma concepts, success factors for achieving a high return on investment, and examine relevant case studies. We also give participants a few easy models to help them understand how these tools can be helpful to their organizations.
  • Champion Training: We designed this training for strategic leaders in organizations who are committed to Lean/Six SigmaSM. We cover the main benefits and uses for Lean/Six SigmaSM and share the successes and pitfalls of organizations that have already implemented Lean/Six SigmaSM. We then give some practical case studies so that participants can easily apply these tools in their organization. In this training, participants discover ways to successfully support Black Belt and Green Belt projects so they achieve maximum results from your Lean/Six SigmaSM initiatives. As a key deliverable from this training - participants will develop an implementation plan for Lean/Six SigmaSM including organization, project selection, Black Belt selection, project, communication, and resource plans.
  • Black Belt Training: In this training, key individuals learn the tools they need to become Black Belts. We built this course on the proven method of train-apply-review. The course is four weeks in duration, with each week separated by three weeks of back-home application. Participants must complete a project during the course to demonstrate their understanding of concepts and application of tools to real problems, including strategic updates. The training incorporates two leading philosophies for continuous improvement Lean Thinking and Six Sigma.
  • Green Belt Training: This training matches the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) problem solving process. Each week of training includes critical problem solving skills required to execute Lean Six Sigma projects. Green Belts will learn how to utilize basic Lean Six Sigma tools and the DMAIC problem solving process to accomplish bottom-line results.
  • Leadership and Management Development Training: Solving business challenges, now, and in the years ahead, calls for a combination of well-developed social and technical management skills. Relying solely on technical know-how as a means to solve the problems of change is not enough. Most breakdowns occur along the social fault line that runs through every organization. Interpersonal rifts worsen because managers lack adequate human relation skills. Yet most organizations select and promote people based on their technical accomplishments more than on their human relations skills. This training helps balance the social and technical tensions within the organization - tensions that can disrupt teamwork, change, and productivity.
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