About us

Our Mission

At Aslinger and Associates we work as close partners with our customers helping them increase their profitability by developing leaders, improving processes and managing change. We combine real world experience with expert knowledge to create an unbeatable blend of value and action. The result - we significantly enhance the people, processes technology and the bottom line of our customers.

Operating Principles

  • Leadership - We work with leaders committed to achieving dramatic performance improvement - we help leaders see and get ready for the future.
  • Development - Our processes facilitate growth in personal, technical, and leadership capabilities for leaders.
  • Improvement - Our clients have been able to implement breakthrough improvements in 100 days or less by using Lean Six Sigma or Big Data.
  • Partnership - We partner with our customers to customize the best continuous improvement tools. We implement complete solutions that maximize the design, planning, and execution of improvement processes.
  • Customization - We develop and customize strategies based on assessment of customer needs, allowing us to blend the right set of Lean Six Sigma or Big Data tools and high performance work teams.
  • Success - We create solutions that support customers, employees, and stockholders - solutions that focus on bottom-line results, create effective processes for planning and decision making, develop teams that work, and manage the process of change.
  • Leverage - By giving strategic guidance to internal leaders, we minimize customer investment yet maximize learning and financial return. We develop key personnel, equipping them to tackle the difficult challenges ahead.